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Edition One

WEO introduction:
Women empowerment organization is a non-governmental, voluntary and independent organization, established in June 2004 and since that time WEO is accomplishing projects in different working sectors in Iraq.More


Edition Two
  • Woman Empowerment Organization in February finalized many projects and has taken steps for starting other projects to be accomplished in the next few months. The Organization examines the impacts of these projects, and studies the goals for others. These projects are.More
Edition Three

Woman Empowerment Organization has been finalized many projects and trainings; it has taken steps for starting other projects to be accomplished in the next few months. The Organization examines the impacts and results of these projects, and studies the goals for others in Human rights sector to business trainings.More

Anti-Corruption Awareness and Advocacy Project

WEO in cooperation with ICSP formed Kurdistan Anti-Corruption Awareness and Advocacy Coalition consists of 27 CSOs from all over Kurdistan. They all joined together launched a campaign, through the support of ICSP, for the reduction and elimination of corruption in the governmental departments and institutions as well as reviewing the legislations and laws passed by Kurdistan parliament. WEO led this project and implemented the activities in partnership with ICSP that are included in this project.
10 awareness raising workshops have been conducted for CSOs and governmental employees in Erbil (5 workshops) Duhok (two workshops) and Suleimany (three workshops) to discuss the phenomenon of corruption and talk about the proposals and alternatives for the imperfect laws and legislations. The project started in 4/5/2007 and ended in 4/6/2007 and the total number of the workshop beneficiaries is 220 (143 men and 77 women).

Coalition representatives spearheaded by WEO held a parliament meeting.  In this meeting, the coalition representatives gave an overview of the works and objectives of this coalition and the awareness campaign it has launched in cooperation with ICSP to expose the nature and the types of corruption which exist in Kurdistan. Then, a list (letter) of the most important suggestions and results of the workshops conducted in Erbil and suleimany submitted to the MPs and each suggestion was discussed separately.
Moreover, Women Empowerment Organization held four programs (two TV and two Radio programs in Azadi Radio and TV as well as in Zahamat-Keshan Radio and TV), In these live radio and TV programs, the guest of the programs cast light on the concept and the types of corruption, then the callers enriched the programs by their phone calls and comments. They stressed that there is no transparency from the government side and also the three authorities (the executive, legislative and judiciary) are not completely separated. They pointed out that the intervention of political parties is blatantly seen in the issues which concern government.


Two newsletters have been emailed to all the coalition members throughout the project implementation period.

WEO also established a website as part of the implementation of the project to publish the activities and workshop events of the project.