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Edition One

WEO introduction:
Women empowerment organization is a non-governmental, voluntary and independent organization, established in June 2004 and since that time WEO is accomplishing projects in different working sectors in Iraq.More


Edition Two
  • Woman Empowerment Organization in February finalized many projects and has taken steps for starting other projects to be accomplished in the next few months. The Organization examines the impacts of these projects, and studies the goals for others. These projects are.More
Edition Three

Woman Empowerment Organization has been finalized many projects and trainings; it has taken steps for starting other projects to be accomplished in the next few months. The Organization examines the impacts and results of these projects, and studies the goals for others in Human rights sector to business trainings.More

Securing Women Rights in Kurdistan Constitution

  In the second phase of the project Women Rights in Kurdistan Constitution, WEO in cooperation with Canada Human Rights Fund for Iraq, held its first meeting with the members of the Federation which consists of 28 women groups. The meeting was attended by 12 participants representing their member groups in the federation. The main aim behind was to discuss the proposals submitted to Kurdistan parliament in the first phase of the project for making amendments to some controversial articles in the Kurdistan constitution which do not seem to fully fulfill women rights as they are guaranteed in the international conventions.

The project objectives:

1. To guarantee the main rights of women in Kurdistan constitution.
2. Pointing out those women-related clauses in the Kurdistan constitution which do not go with the fundamental principles of human rights.
3. Comparing women rights in Kurdistan constitution with that mentioned in the international conventions.

In its quest for putting pressure on Kurdistan parliament in order to take a positive look at the proposals already submitted in the earlier stages of the project, WEO continues its activities and meetings with women protection committee and the legal committee of Kurdistan parliament.
Finally, WEO held a seminar on Thursday, March 6th 2008 to bring together decision makers, CSOs and grassroots to look into the causes of Parliament's silence towards these recommendations and why so far no concrete reply has been given.
The seminar was arranged in cooperation with the Common Center which contains 7 women organizations. It was attended by 86 participants consisting of various groups and sects in our society including the 10 of Kurdistan parliamentarians one Iraq MPs, the Head of Women Protection Committee, large number of senior Kurdistan government officials, represent representatives of the CSOs concerned with women issue The seminar was also covered by a good number of Kurdistan and Iraqi means of media which made it to have greater impact and reach everybody
After a long discussion the seminar came up with a handful of recommendations on the following articles of the law: Article 20, 21, 23, and 49. There was some discussion about the CEDAW agreement and the reservations that Iraq showed to this agreement.  
Finally, a committee was constituted at the level of Kurdistan region to reformulate the suggestions and recommendations of the seminar and follow them up.
It is worth mentioning that the seminar was vital and there were hot debates on the topics and also the participants were given fair chances to air their views on the relevant topics. 45 minutes were allocated for participants to put their opinions across and comment on the topics.