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Edition One

WEO introduction:
Women empowerment organization is a non-governmental, voluntary and independent organization, established in June 2004 and since that time WEO is accomplishing projects in different working sectors in Iraq.More


Edition Two
  • Woman Empowerment Organization in February finalized many projects and has taken steps for starting other projects to be accomplished in the next few months. The Organization examines the impacts of these projects, and studies the goals for others. These projects are.More
Edition Three

Woman Empowerment Organization has been finalized many projects and trainings; it has taken steps for starting other projects to be accomplished in the next few months. The Organization examines the impacts and results of these projects, and studies the goals for others in Human rights sector to business trainings.More

March 8th (Women Global Day)

On Sunday, 9/3/2008 Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) celebrated March 8th (Women World Day) in the hall of Culture Center- University Salahaddin. The celebration was under the auspices of the ministry of Human Rights.
WEO represented by Suzan Aref (WEO Director) shed light on the violations committed against women and what can be done to stop this violence phenomena in our society; from this point of view a short movie entitled (Another mother) have been presented, this movie prepared by WEO via support of USAID organization  to depicting the real situation of an obedient woman in the Kurdish community who sacrificed all her life for other members of her family, but is unfortunately ill-rewarded and advices her daughter not to follow her footsteps. It clearly points out that the lack of an independent economy drives women in our society to accept so many things and never get upgraded socially and economically.
The celebration attended by a large number of participants consisting of Kurdistan Members of Parliament (MPs), government representatives at all levels, CSO representatives, and various means of medias.


The Objective:

The chief objective behind this short movie is to commemorate March 8th in an unconventional way so as to have a greater impact. It was aimed to get the audience acquainted with the real life of a Kurdish women living under so many obstacles and challenges facing her. It was also aiming at awakening the spirit of support for women among the participants and to have a great echo at various levels so that women situation is taken into consideration in all aspects of life. Beside what is mentioned above the presentation has the following aims:

  • Raising the awareness among our women to know that changes should start within themselves.

  • Asserting the fact that women should be economically independent.

  • Making women revise their life style

  • Emphasizing the fact that changes should start from within women themselves.¬†

  • Asserting the fact that any historic, cultural, or social norm can be changed if it is out of harmony with women rights.